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вторник, 24 декабря 2013 г.

сони вегас как установить media manager


First off, verify you are using the latest update of ACID Pro or Vegas Pro.  You can find the latest releases on our updates page.  Also, make sure that your software is supported on the operating system.  Consult the product README when you go to Start > Programs > Sony > ACID Pro or Vegas Pro.
If you continue to have issues running the Media Manager after updating your software, please follow the steps outlined below.

1. Does your PC run any type of registry cleaner or maintenance tool such as PC Tools Registry Mechanic?
We have observed that some of these tools delete critical Sony registry keys which causes ACID or Vegas to be unable to initialize the Media Manager.  Sony recommends that these tools not be used.

2. Verify the Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine is installed.
Verify this in two steps:
(a) Use Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and look for Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (SONY_MEDIAMGR).
(b) If the engine is listed as installed, verify that the service is actually installed and can be run.  Go to Control Panel --> Administrative Tools --> Services.  Look for a service named MSSQL$SONY_MEDIAMGR.  If it is listed, then right click on it and choose Start from the menu.  Does it give any errors?
If either of these fail, see the reinstall steps below.

3.  Verify the Media Manager is installed.
Use Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs and look for Sony Media Manager
If you do not see it listed, see the reinstall steps below.

4.  Check the application directory for a .log file.
When the Media Manager runs within ACID or Vegas, it creates a text log file in the application directory.  The default locations would be:
C:\Program Files\Sony\ACID Pro (version number)\acid(version number).log
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas (version number)\vegas(version number).log
These can be helpful as they usually capture details which can help us track down what is failing.

5.  Reset saved preferences with Ctrl+Shift held down at application launch.
Before launching the application, hold down the Ctrl+Shift keys on your keyboard.  While holding those keys, double click the program's icon to launch it.  Keep holding down Ctrl+Shift until the program has loaded.
The Media Manager preferences can be manually cleared independent of ACID or Vegas preferences by deleting all the files in both of these directories:
C:\Documents and Settings\[Login Name]\Application Data\Sony\Media Manager
C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Sony\Media Manager

Instructions for Reinstalling
1. Uninstall ACID Pro or  Vegas
2. Uninstall Sony Media Manager
3. Uninstall Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (SONY_MEDIAMGR)
4. Uninstall Sony Sound Series Loops and Samples Reference Library if installed.
5. Completely delete the Media Manager directory.
Normally this is C:\Program Files\Sony\Shared Plug-Ins\Media Manager.
6. Reboot the computer
7. Close any applications running in the background.  Make sure to disable any anti-virus, spyware, or other security related software, as it may interfere with the installation.  For items located in your System Tray (in the bottom right corner of your screen), right click on their icons and choose to Exit, Close, or Disable.
8. Run the ACID or Vegas installer.

The Media Manager is a shared component between ACID and Vegas.  Installing an application which includes a newer Media Manager component will update the entire PC so that the other existing applications start to use the newer Media Manager.  Uninstalling the application does not remove the newer Media Manager (even if the newer application was a trial).
Media Libraries are not backward compatible.  Each newer Media Manager will offer to upgrade older libraries to the latest format (MM 2.x even encourages you to do a backup of your library first).
This means that if you have ACID Pro 5.0x, install a trial of Vegas 6.0x, and then uninstall the Vegas 6.0x trial, you are still using the newer Media Manager within ACID.  This can be an issue if you want to reformat the hard drive or restore their computer.  If you only install ACID Pro 5.0x, you won't be able to open your existing media library (because it will have been upgraded to the newer Media Manager library format that came with the Vegas 6.0x trial).  The resolution would be to install the newer trial software again.

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